Thursday, April 25, 2013

Students Learn Web 2.0 Way to Create Bibliographies

Research is an important part of the language arts curriculum in the third and fouth nine weeks. Students learn how to locate information about their topic and to think critically about the credibility of that information. Often, they also have to create a bibliography - a list of all of the sources of the information that they used for their projects.

Students in Ms. Yesenik's TAG class presented their Independent Study Projects recently. They learned how to use an online citation generator called EasyBib to create bibliographies for their projects. They decided that using EasyBib was quicker and easier than following a printed format and trying to make their information fit the model. This Web 2.0 tool makes a tedious task less time-consuming.

This is Garrison with his Loch Ness Monster project, with a screen shot of his Works Cited page below.

This is Juliana with her Acting project; a screen shot of her Works Cited page is included below. 

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