Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kinder Kids Love Computer Time!

Logan practices locating the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys.
The first thing that kindergarten students learn is how to log on to the Round Rock ISD computer network. Kindergarten teacher Rachel Milstead explained, "We teach students how to make a longhorn with their left hand to press control and alt and then use their right hand for the delete key. We have each student's user name and password on a card so it is easy for them to see it and type it on the keyboard."

The Starfall  menu offers Connor many choices of stories and activities.

Students are taught to look at the taskbar for the big blue "e" that is the Internet Explorer icon. Teachers also discuss appropriate uses for the internet and tell students exactly which links they are allowed to select.

"At the beginning of kindergarten we let the students explore Starfall and get familiar with clicking the mouse. While they are exploring they are also learning, because Starfall helps with letters and sounds," concluded Ms. Milstead.

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