Friday, February 24, 2012

Literary Nonfiction + Black History Month = 5th Grade Powerpoints

Fifth grade students have been studying literary nonfiction and research during Language Arts in the third nine-weeks. All fifth graders selected a famous African American person to research and learn more about. Students used online resources like World Book Encyclopedia and PebbleGo to gather information, and some also used library books as resources.
Cosette shares information about George Washington Carver.

So that everyone in the class could learn more about these famous Americans, each student created a PowerPoint presentation. The presentations were shown on the Promethean board while students discussed what they learned about their famous American.

Here are a couple of PowerPoint presentations that were completed by Mr. Hawthorn's students. They have been convert to .pdf format for ease of access.

George Washington Carver by Cosette G.

Colin Powell by Jacob S.

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